Glaikit – a Scottish words notebook

Glaikit - Scottish Words Notebook

Glaikit – a Scottish words notebook
If you are not from Scotland you should be aware that Scotland has three languages, English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic along with a diverse range of different regional dialects.

English is spoken by the overwhelming percentage of the population but most people, if not actually speaking Scots, will use Scots words in their everyday conversation and glaikit is one such word.

We Scots have an amazing capacity for insulting each other without overstepping the mark. Glaikit seems to be one of our oldest terms for describing someone who is not intellectually blessed. An adjective meaning stupid, foolish, or thoughtless. You could say, “Don’t just stand there looking glaikit, do something!”

However you use it, it is always said in a good humoured way and without malice.

Do you know a glaikit person?
This notebook is the ideal birthday or anniversary gift as well as an inexpensive, fun, Christmas stocking filler for someone you think is glaikit, be they a family member or work colleague.

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Format = Paperback.
Size = 6 inches x 9 inches.
Cover = Matte.
Pages = 120 pages.
Printer = Amazon print to order.
Delivery = Allow 14 days.

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