FYNE EDITIONS was established in the depths of the 2020 lockdown with the simple objective of creating motorhome, camper van and caravan journals which I and my friends could use to document our travels and record the places we had visited – and it grew from there. 

Our titles are custom designed in Ardrishaig on the banks of Loch Fyne in Argyll, Scotland, hence the Fyne Editions name. Once the cover designs are finalised and the interiors formatted correctly they are uploaded to Amazon who take over from there. 

When a book is ordered, Amazon process the payment, print the book to order then deliver using their highly efficient distribution network, allowing us to concentrate on the fun part, the creative process.

Technically, journals can be anything that you use to jot down information.  Our journals are nearly all 6” x 9”, with prompts to fill in specific information, i.e. campsite details for motorhome owners so that they can look back on their journey and use this information to re-visit some time in the future.

Our notebooks are all 6 x 9 inches, 120 white paper pages which are lined and bound with a spine. The covers are themed to appeal to a variety of users and we hope that they inspire creativity, empower expression and celebrate special moments.

We will soon extended our product range to include motorhome, camper van and caravan mugs. Where our journals & notebooks are sold via Amazon our mugs are sold via Etsy. The mugs are produced in Norfolk to our bespoke designs and are priced at £12.95 with FREE postage. Please use the above drop down menu to find the relevant motorhome, camper van and caravan range.

My career was in sales and over the years I worked for many large multi national companies selling major branded products and spent 16 years living in the East Midlands furthering my career. For the last twenty years or so, before retiring to Mid Argyll, I worked in the publishing industry and picked up a lot of information on the creative and printing process which has helped me build the portfolio of titles you will find on this site.

From a standing start, Fyne Editions now has over 400 titles with more being published every week. If you do not see the title you would like to buy then drop me a line using the contact form via the contact us page on the above menu.
All ideas are very welcome!

Because Amazon and Etsy handle all of our transactions, Fyne Editions does not collect any of your data whatsoever, so if you decide to buy any of our titles, I will not know who you are or where you are, but rest assured your order is very much appreciated.

Finally, it is easier than ever to start a business from home so if you have an idea or product you want to sell on Amazon, E Bay, Etsy, Facebook, or via your own website, then go for it. I started with one title and within a few months Fyne Editions journals and notebooks are now selling around the world, created with no more than a laptop and some ideas…



2 thoughts on “About Fyne Editions

  1. Archie Gillies says:

    Hi. I recently bought a copy of your “Motor Home Road Trip to Norway”. To be honest, I was expecting some kind of guide or (completed) travel log. I see there is nothing in the book specific to Norway, or to motorhomes, rather than tents, caravans, etc.
    I was wondering if there has been some mistake somewhere along the production. Thanks. Archie

    • fyneeditions says:

      Hi Archie
      I’m sorry you feel that our book has misled you but it is clearly stated that it is a journal and in our defence I can make the following points.
      1. The title clearly states “The Must Have Travel Journal for your Norwegian Adventure: This fantastic journal prompts you to capture all your details and wonderful holiday memories over 60 two page spreads.” The key phrases are “journal” and “prompts you to capture.”
      2. The book description page on Amazon clearly states “Your memories are precious, and this is the perfect way to remember every campsite, wild camping location and what you did on a daily basis. If you return to Norway this journal will be a vital point of reference for your future travel adventures.”
      3. The next paragraph begins “This journal is not only the ideal way for you to document your travels”

      I believe we have more than accurately described the function of this book and at no point do we claim it is a guide book on Norway. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of a journal is as follows – “a written record of what you have done each day, sometimes including your private thoughts and feelings.”

      I hope you understand our position but if you still feel aggrieved you can either send it back to Amazon for a refund or to us directly and we will refund you immediately.

      We were planning to visit Denmark, Sweden and Norway for 3 months but house arrest has scuppered those plans for this year but it will hopefully happen next March, April & May.

      I hope you travel to Norway at some point this year (with or without our journal) and I would like to hear your thoughts on your trip.

      Best wishes

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